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17 Sep

HCC Team To Compete In Another Walking Challenge


This Bridgeport Regional Business Council event occurs each fall and over 100 different businesses in the area participate. Last year, they had over 1,000 team members.

The challenge runs from September 27th through November 21st. Each participant is given a pedometer, or they can wear their own.

Housatonic has other teams that are expected to join. The HCC Happy Feet team members are:

Richard Hubbard (team captain)
Linda Anzaldi
Octavia Butler
Carla Mackintosh
Enila Magazin
Steve Mark
Evelyn Melendez
Khanh Ngo
Kathleen Provitz-Rosado
Scott Sulkazi

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  • posted by Hyoja Tully Friday, 16 October 2015 13:19

    How do I join? Is it too late to join for the competition this year? :)

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