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01 Mar

Congratulations Debbie Kuchmas, Advisor Scholarship Award Winner!


To receive this award, I completed an online application stating all of the work the Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society-Chi Rho Chapter at HCC, has done in just one semester (Fall 2015): Started the Honors in Action Research and Community Service Project, held Orientation/Information Sessions to inform eligible HCC students how to join PTK and participate on the Chapter, sold t-shirts to increase the chapter’s budget funds be able to travel to regional and national PTK conferences, represented PTK at tables around campus where they sold t-shirts, provided PTK information, and asked students to complete pledge cards to “commit to complete’ their college degree (they collected over 100 pledge cards), revised and submitted Chapter By-Laws, had representation at the fall 2015 Regional Conference, sought guidance from PTK Headquarters and Regional Officer, met with President Broadie, Met with Kelly Hope, met with Student Senate and Student Club Officers to collaborate together, displayed two large posters for the “commit to complete’ initiative-which was a CT system-collaborative project, held an Induction Ceremony for new and graduating PTK members, visited GWCC’s Chapter meetings to gain knowledge of how to run a Chapter, decorated their very first campus bulletin board, and the chapter has grown with members and officers.

This scholarship award will pay for one advisor and one officer to attend the National Conference: Nerd Nation, being held in Maryland, from April 5-April 10th. Alex Acuna (Vice President) and I, have accepted the invitation and scholarship to attend this exciting event. This is a huge and amazing accomplishment for this chapter. It’s the first time this chapter has had representation at both the Regional and National Conferences. This team is reaching new milestones to increase PTK awareness and lasting impression, while making an impact on campus and in our surrounding community.

Deborah Kuchmas

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