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OnTarget - Learn about the latest marketing efforts at HCC



HCC's marketing office has many exciting initiatives happening on campus to aide in the enrollment and retention efforts of the college (commercial producing, graphic designing, media buying, copywriting, social media managing, color printing, etc...). As a marketeer I am constantly thinking of ways to best communicate with current, past, and prospective students. Just as importantly, it's vital that marketing communication is open with internal faculty, staff, and administrators, so that everyone is involved in the marketing efforts on campus, and this is why OnTarget was created.

My hopes are that this newsletter will do one of three things: 

(1.) Showcase the latest marketing/advertising/design work being done (2.) Create an awareness of what publications/items are available in Outreach for others on campus to use in their own recruitment efforts, and (3.) Serve as a platform to push out important messages that we as a whole campus should be promoting in-syncly to our current and prospective students! 

I hope you will find this e-newsletter informative, as well as entertaining. Here are a few topics I plan to address in future issues: Social Media and How It Can Be Used as a Recruitment and Retention Tool, DIY Poster Tutorial, How to Write an Eye-Catching Email to Current and Prospective Students, and much more! I invite any feedback you may have and hope you enjoy this publication.



New HCC Campain... Stay Close, Go Far

HCC is unveiling a new advertising campaign for recruitment that was developed internally by marketing and centers around the theme: "Stay Close, Go Far!" This theme will re-affirm the notion that the students in our service region don't have to go far to "go places." To help this message resonate with our audience, the campaign will focus on past and current students who want to share their success stories and highlight how their Housatonic education has helped them go the distance. So far, the collection of stories includes one accounting graduate who transferred to Quinnipiac and now works at Unilever, another current HCC student who just recently went to Spain over spring break for HCC's study abroad program (how is that for going far?), an HCC theater arts graduate who has landed a number of leading roles, and our very own Robin Avant who will share her HCC story. We have a few other stories in the works as well! The campaign will also remind our audience the other obvious benefits of attending HCC, i.e. affordability, convenience, flexibility, etc.

This campaign will be on-going for the next few years, and to keep it fresh, we need your help! Do you keep in touch with a recent HCC graduate that has a powerful story to share? If so, please reach out to them and ask if they would like to participate in HCC's advertising campaign. If you have a past student that is interested, please forward their name, phone number, and email address to Megan Cacioppo,

IphoneThe advertising mix for the campaign will include:

  • TV commercials
  • Traditional radio as well as digital (i.e. Spotify and Pandora)
  • Social media advertising (i.e. Facebook ads, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Digital banner ads on WTNH.com, News12.com, Yahoo!, CTPost.com
  • Print ads in local newspapers
  • Billboards

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