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03 Apr

Student Turns Novella into Production


What first started as a novella about two young couples caught up in tragedy and denial has turned into a full-on performance in HCC student Yasmina Saint-Jean’s For What It’s Worth, which debuted at HCC last week.

For What It’s Worth, written and produced by Saint-Jean is the culmination of multiple script re-writes and short turnaround time to production that found friends having to get serious. Fast.

“I was very laid-back about everything,” Said Saint-Jean. “The performers are my theater major friends so that’s a comfort, but I also had to be firm. It’s my story that’s being presented to the public.”

Saint-Jean also stars as April, one of the leads in the play who “puts off recognizing her emotions and reality.”

“It’s really about these couples dealing with their issues by not dealing with them.” Saint-Jean said. “I hope that the audience can see how bottling things up can only work for so long. I think a lot of people that are the same age as the characters can relate to that.”

For more information on What It’s Worth, contact Yasmina Saint-Jean at

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