03 May

Student Appreciation Day helps kick off summer


In recognition of the many contributions HCC students have made to the campus community, Student Appreciation Day kicked off the summer with music, food and games.

“I love that the school offers this,” HCC student Martin Fenicien said. “It’s always good to decompress before finals.”

Fenicien, who will graduate this month, says the recognition is not lost among students.

“They (HCC) have held this every year since I’ve started and it’s something I still look forward to.” Fenicien said. “It’s cool we have a school that cares this much about the community.”

Some of the games included giant Jenga blocks, hula hoops and a Frisbee toss. Est Pizza came through with two food trucks, keeping attendees happy with many different pizza combinations.

“I always end up making a new friend at these events.” Fenicien said. “I’ll run into people in the hall but we never have time to talk. That’s why I like celebrations like today. I’m really going to miss it here.”  



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