20 Jan

Online Courses at HCC Offer Savings to Students Staying Home

‘Registration is happening now, Spring term begins Friday, January 22.

The spring semester at Housatonic Community College (HCC) begins on Friday, January 22, and as many four-year college classes move online, some students are turning to HCC’s online classes for their core curriculum coursework. Housatonic offers courses required of undergraduate students that can be transferred to their colleges, often at a fraction of the cost.

Amid the continued pandemic and rising COVID-19 case numbers, most colleges and universities across the country have moved to online-only instruction. As a result, many students are making the decision to stay home rather than travel to school and live in the dorms. Some of these students are including HCC’s online courses in their studies, providing their families with an opportunity to stretch their college savings.

“A non-lab three-credit course at HCC will cost an in-state student just over $600, compared to an average of nearly $1,200 at a four-year public institution. Private, non-profit universities charge an average of almost $4,500 per course,” said Dwayne Smith, Ph.D., HCC Chief Executive Officer. “Having those credits transfer to a student’s college or university can offer significant savings to families, and are especially meaningful during this period of economic downturn.”

The majority of Housatonic’s courses are offered online and HCC students returning for the spring semester will find a number of new courses available. Some of the newest course offerings include: Principles of Astronomy (AST 101), Introductory Chemistry (CHE 101) Fundamentals of Solid Modeling (CAD 140) and a very timely Sociology of Crime and Punishment course (SOC214). Principles of the Human Body (BIO 110) will be offered during the Summer 2021 term.

Housatonic Community College offers a wide variety of courses. From business, science, and mathematics studies to fine arts, history, and theater, HCC provides students with the courses they need to be successful in their educational journey.

To see HCC’s course catalog, or to register for classes, visit www.Housatonic.edu or call 203-332-5196.


Caption For Photo Above: HCC’s spring semester begins Friday, January 22, with opportunities for significant savings amid the public health crisis.