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30 Jan

HCC Alum to Compete at Art Exhibition


The art of HCC alum Emily Khon has two distinct traits that comprise her work. First, she works almost exclusively in black and white. Second, her subject and inspiration is her family’s native Cambodia.

“I’ve always had a connection with my heritage,” Khon said. “I base a lot of my art off the culture of Cambodia and the stories my parents tell me. From there I kind of filter it into my own style.”

Before she graduated HCC in the Fall of 2017, Kohn’s art professor, John Favret, urged her to enter her portfolio into The Hartford School of Art’s (HSA) Transfer Exhibition.

As part of HSA’s Transfer Exhibition, students compete for scholarship awards, including full tuition to HSA worth approximately $36,000. Among her submitted work, Khon also had to include a 500-word statement along with a letter of recommendation to qualify.

“This is really the first time my art will be shown outside of HCC.” Khon said. “I’m not nervous though, just happy for people to see it.”

Each of the three works Khon submitted to the exhibition feature portraits of Cambodian people, from children to royalty. Using acrylics, Khon used different styles to capture her subjects, the overall effect showcasing her broad range and talent as an artist.

Win or lose the competition, Khon plans on taking the next step in her academic career by applying to an Art School.

“I’m looking (at schools) right now, but I hate writing essays.” Khon said. “It’s funny because art comes so much easier for me. I’m that one person who likes to stare at a blank canvas and just say ‘wow.’”

HSA’s Transfer Exhibition includes a reception on Feb 8, 6-8 p.m. All work from the exhibition will be displayed through March 2, 2018.

For more information on the event, visit http://www.hartford.edu/hartford_art_school/events/Default.aspx?id=e8ea65a1ac1e009c7743a804a1f6720d


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