05 Aug

Hard Work and Endurance Pays Off, Creating New Careers

At age 32, after ten years at HCC, Mayra Cancho is graduating with a degree in Business Administration and two careers.

Mayra came to the United States from Peru 15 years ago and needed to learn English; she turned to HCC. That first experience, coupled with encouragement from HCC faculty, and support from FESP and the HCC Foundation, helped Mayra to keep going and realize her dreams.

"While taking classes I worked at restaurants and at a bakery, and people would ask if I could help them at their parties. That's when I started my small business, Bow-Tie Party & Event Staff," said Mayra.

Mayra's business earned her an HCC entrepreneur award, which paid for books that semester. Up until that time, Mayra, a DACA participant, had been paying for school entirely out of pocket. Balancing the cost of school and credit card bills was often a challenge, delaying her schooling.

"It's going to feel awesome to graduate, I feel like I did something big. To have my name on something from another country is really something," she said.

Today, Mayra applies the business administration education she learned at HCC at a new job as an Administrative Assistant. The skills she learned are also making her business more professional.

"If you want a better future, you can do it. Little by little, it's possible," she said. "You're never too old to go to school to prepare yourself for something better. If you keep fighting for your dreams, anything is possible."