15 Sep

An interview with Medgine Bright, Director of Student Activities

An interview with Medgine Bright, Director of Student Activities

Medgine Bright, Director of Student Activities, has been preparing for this role since she was a student herself at Southern Connecticut State University. There, she chaired multiple committees and also worked as a Resident Assistant.

“In my college experience, I always had a passion for student activities and getting involved in events on campus,” said Medgine.

This month, Medgine will celebrate six years at HCC. In her role, she coordinates a wide-range of student activities that take place on- and off-campus, which can range from author talks and meet and greets with the Deans, to bus trips to Philadelphia and student appreciation days. A wide variety of educational events are also managed, such as alcohol awareness, Constitution Day, Women’s History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month and Black History Month programming.

In an average year, Medgine puts on over 40 programs. In addition, she advises Student Senate, in charge of all club activities, oversees the wellness center and manages the game room.

“It’s fun, its one of those jobs that allows you to enjoy the students in a different way, and its important for them to see all of us, including staff and faculty, engaging together as a community,” said Medgine.

The most fulfilling part of her role is seeing the joy on student faces.

“Student activities is a really important part of retention because those happy moments shape their experience at Housatonic. When they are working hard and lifting a heavy load, the activities are moments of relief, helping them to remain motivated to complete their education here at Housatonic,” said Medgine.

The activities also foster community and provide opportunities for personal growth.

“Some of the students meet their best friends through these experiences, or learn to come out of their shell through working on a club event,” she said.

Of all the activities she has produced, one event created a highlight moment in Medgine’s career at HCC.

“Every year we put on our Thanksgiving luncheon where we provide a hot meal and eat together as the HCC family. One year a student came up to me and said ‘Thank you for putting on this event, this is the only hot Thanksgiving meal I will get this year.’ That really touched me, and reminded me why I work so hard for our students, letting them know that they are part of the HCC family.

Outside of HCC, Medgine is a decorating, design, and event planning enthusiast. She earned her event planning certificate and is also a certified life coach in internal spaces, helping people to clear their physical clutter to free their mental clutter. She is a proud mother of two daughters, ages 6 and 4 months.