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Housatonic Community College Named Best Community Colleges in Connecticut by Intelligent.com Featured

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Housatonic Community College Named Best Community Colleges in Connecticut by Intelligent.com

Higher education resource guide releases the best institution programs for 2022

Intelligent.com, a trusted resource for online/on-campus program rankings and higher education planning, has included Housatonic Community College to its list of the Best Community Colleges in Connecticut in 2022. The research identifies 15 top programs in the state based on flexibility, faculty, course strength, cost, and reputation.

Housatonic Community College was awarded Best Honors Program on the final list. Intelligent.com implemented a unique methodology that ranks each program on a scale from 0 to 100 across five categories. The scoring system compares each university according to program strength, student readiness, return on investment, cost, and student engagement. Researchers compared 63 programs from 24 colleges in the state of Connecticut.

Housatonic Community College offers flexible distance learning that appeals to busy adults or hybrid models that include on-campus and online formats. Experts at Intelligent.com assessed programs in Best Community Colleges in Connecticut that help students enhance and develop advanced skills for a variety of in-demand positions.

Studies show that obtaining a degree increases income substantially, degree holders earning 84% more than those with only high school diplomas or those without a completed GED. The percentage difference in earnings continues to grow with higher learning degrees such as masters, doctoral or professional degrees, with the unemployment rate decreasing to as much as 1.1% for those with a doctorate. To access the complete ranking, please visit https://www.intelligent.com/best-community-colleges/connecticut/

Serving southern Connecticut for over 50 years, Housatonic Community College (HCC) offers a student-centered, high quality and accessible education through over 70 associate degree programs to prepare students for transfer to four-year institutions. The college also offers occupational associate degrees and certificate programs, and the non-credit division partners with local businesses and industry to offer workforce training and customized professional development. HCC is distinguished as an Achieving the Dream Leader Institution and is ranked by the Aspen Institute among nation’s top 150 community colleges. www.Housatonic.edu

Intelligent.com provides unbiased research to help students make informed decisions about higher education programs. The website offers curated guides that include the best degree programs as well as information about financial aid, internships, and even study strategies. With comprehensive, user-friendly guides and hundreds of program rankings, Intelligent.com is a trusted source among students and prospective students. To learn more, please visit https://www.intelligent.com/.

Caption For Photo Above: Housatonic Community College ranked among Best Community Colleges in Connecticut in 2022 according to Intelligent.com.

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