05 Nov

FREE Friday Night Flicks on November 6: “With Dad” and “Summer Spent”

Q&A with Connecticut director Soren Sorensen & photographer Stephen DiRado

On Friday, November 6th the Housatonic Museum of Art presents the latest films in its FREE Friday Night Flicks online film series: “With Dad” and “Summer Spent.”

Award-winning photographic journal “With Dad” captures the experience of caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease. When his father started to show signs of having the disease, internationally noted photographer Stephen DiRado began caring for him at home and photographing him as a way to fill the void. Over the 20-year course of his father’s disease, the film shares DiRado’s compassionate and emotional black-and-white photographs.

Part historical record of the landscape of Martha's Vineyard, part portrait of one artist’s work, ‘Summer Spent’ gives the viewer a front row seat to the process of making art. Witness Stephen DiRado’s relentless pursuit of capturing the environment and the people of Aquinnah, MA.

The films will be followed by a lively discussion with Connecticut director Soren Sorensen (With Dad) and Summer Spent director and photographer Stephen DiRado. The event is part of an exceptional online, art-inspired film series presented by Housatonic Museum of Art and curated by the Connecticut Film Festival. The films will go online at 7pm on Friday, November 6th visit www.HousatonicMuseum.org for the film link.

Housatonic Museum of Art has welcomed more than 500,000 visitors to explore the exhibits and collection of almost 6,000 works that span the history of art from the ancient to the contemporary. As one of the premier college art collections in the United States, and the only museum in Bridgeport solely dedicated to visual arts, HMA’s permanent collection is on continuous display throughout the Housatonic Community College (HCC) campus, offering a rare opportunity for students, community members, art enthusiasts, and casual observers to view and interact with art on a daily basis. To learn more, visit www.HousatonicMuseum.org or call 203-332-5052.

The Connecticut Film Festival’s (CFF) mission is to excite, encourage, and teach, but most of all to connect audiences in ways that truly ignite creativity and imagination. CFF provides screenings statewide to tens of thousands of Connecticut’s citizens and tourists. Hosting films in multiple markets throughout the state creates an opportunity for a greater number of viewers to attend while also providing an excellent opportunity for the independent and international film industry to showcase to a large and diverse audience. CFF and its weekly event, FilmFest52, exhibits entertaining and thought-provoking visual stories with an independent point of view to inspire audiences to create change locally, globally, or in their personal lives.


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Caption For Photo Right: Watch the free documentaries “With Dad” and “Summer Spent.” Streaming online Friday November 6th at 7pm. www.HousatonicMuseum.org