09 Oct

Family Economic Security Program (FESP) Staff Introductions


Here are short bios of the FESP team:

Widelyne Dorelus – Widelyne comes to us with experience at the Department of Labor, Middlesex Community College and CONNTAC.  Widelyne has a Master’s degree in Counselling from Central Connecticut State University and a degree from Southern.  Widelyne is in B104 and works Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday until 3.  She is our Career Development Coordinator and will be helping students identify career goals, plan out steps to achieve it, set up internships, and help transition to career.

Daniela Squizzato – Daniela has experience working at University of Bridgeport, Norwalk Community College, Barnard College, and Columbia University Teachers College.  She holds a Master’s degree from Columbia University, Teachers College and University of Bridgeport and is alumni of HCC.  Daniela is in B115 and works Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday until 2 or 3.  She is one of our Achievement Coaches and will be helping students reach their goals during the semester and helping to build skills.  This may mean addressing issues around time & stress management, making sure student’s career goals and classes are working together, or any help around coping with balancing school, work, and home.

Devon White – Devon has his Masters of Social Work from Fordham University and a degree from Villanova University.  Devon is in B115 and works Monday and Wednesday from 4 to 8. He is another of our Achievement Coaches and will be helping students in all the same ways that Daniela does.  Devon has experience working at Riverside Education Academy, Boys and Girls Village, and AIDS Project Harford. 

Medina (Carmen) – You all know Medina!  And now she’s doing all the helpful things she does in the Registrar’s Office for our FESP students.  Medina has worked at Housatonic in a variety of jobs and knows all there is to know about the College.  She is an alumni of HCC as well.  Medina is in B115 and works Tuesday and Thursday from 4 to 8.

Gabrie’l Atchison – Gabrie’l holds a PhD from Clark University and degrees from Temple University and Brown University. Gabrie’l is in room B115 and works on Fridays until 4:30.  She is another of our Achievement Coaches.  She has a background as an Adjunct Professor at many area colleges, as well as working with AIDS prevention programs, women’s centers, and on a rape crisis helpline.

Come by and say hello to them.

We’re already working hard for our Fall students, but we need 50 more students for our Spring cohort.  Send over your working students who are head of household (no one claims them as a dependent), between 9-45 credits (post developmental work), and GPA of 2.0 or higher.  Our program supports students at all levels (we’ve got 4.0 GPAs in the program) who need support, skills, and financial coaching.

Thanks for all of your support as we’ve set up the program!

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