19 Feb

What Is Your Team Building I.Q.?

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SSG Now Offers DiSC® Training

Team work has traveled the land.  Team building workshops penetrate every nook and cranny of Corporate America. The need for collaborative work within and across organizational silos is a given, a no-brainer for the workforce. Everybody is expected to do it. And so, individuals are thrown into the teamwork mix-master and expected to co-operate … and function effectively. Inevitably, the results and their outcomes are themselves … mixed. The key to improving and optimizing teamwork is to understand what each individual does and does not bring to the conference or shop table—their teamwork I.Q.  Each of us approaches teamwork from a unique and specific perspective. That is what the DiSC® ® teamwork assessment tells us. DiSC® points to the strengths and, yes, weaknesses each of us  brings to the teamwork environment.

SSG Now Offers DiSC® Training

HCC’s Strategic Solutions Group has now added DiSC® training workshops to its corporate training portfolio.  Our certified trainers provide the web-based assessment tool and personalized reports that share where each team member resides on the DiSC® teamwork spectrum.   

DiSC® Identifies Your Teamwork Profile

The detailed DiSC® report indicates the degree to which each team member demonstrates Dominance, influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness in a teamwork setting. The report also outlines strategies and approaches a team member can employ to be more effective with colleagues whose strengths reside within one’s DiSC® dimension as well as relating to team members whose strengths lie in one of the other DiSC® dimensions. Through this teamwork I.Q tool, dominance-driven team members can learn how to be more effective with their i, S, and C counterparts. And so on.

DiSC® Identifies Team Strengths

DiSC® can point to team strengths as well.  Managers and executives can understand the DiSC® driver for specific teams and be guided by the best strategies and tactics to gain optimum results from each.  DiSC® is a win-win for personal development as well as teamwork effectiveness.

DiSC® Training Now Available 

An SSG DiSC® consult and assessment workshops can be scheduled by contacting Tom Sheffer, Coordinator, Workforce Development at 203-332-5971, or via email at

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G. Thomas Sheffer

G. Thomas Sheffer is in charge of Workforce Development at Housatonic Community College.