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19 Oct

Housatonic Community College Engaged in Walk-to-Wellness Challenge Featured

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The annual Bridgeport Regional Business Council (BRBC) Walk-to-Wellness Challenge is now underway.

For the past several years, the BRBC has asked member businesses to form teams and walk as an awareness of the health benefits of walking. The Challenge asks each team member to walk 10,000 steps each day for seven weeks. The Challenge started on Oct. 16 and ends on Nov. 26. The tally of steps recorded by each team are submitted to the BRBC each week.

This year, HCC has three teams competing. “Ahead of the Curb” is led by HCC webmaster Richard Hubbard and has 11 members. DeNeva Wilson, HCC Information Services, is the team leader for “Walk This Way” with 11 members and Anna Cruz, Administrative Assistant, leads 14 members who are members of the “Pedominators.”

Top three team winners receive cash prizes. Bridgeport Hospital teams are usual top winners and HCC teams have often placed in the top 10.

Photo at top: From Left to Right: Scott Sulkazi, Richard Hubbard, Steve Mark, Karen Vo, Enila Magazin and Hoa Nguyen.

HCCs Above the Curb Team

Photo above: HCC's Ahead of the Curb From Left to Right: Enila Magazin, Hoa Nguyen, Richard Hubbard, Linda Anzaldi, President Paul Broadie, Pat Costeines, Lynne Langella, Kathy Provitz-Rosado and Evelyn Meléndez. Not Pictures: Steve Mark and Scott Sulkazi.


Photo above: Pedominators Team First row (left to right): Verniece Still, Ryan Farrington, Anna Cruz, Wanda Mulero, Kentha Heng Second row (left to right): Camilla Costantini, Lydia Pizarro-Quesada, David Pizarro, Sharon Blackmon. Not in photo are: Theresa Eisenbach, Carmen Medina, Amy Poskus, Meghan Rydzik and Heidi Kennedy.

Walk This Way

Photo above: Walk This Way Team from Left to Right: Thomas Wiencko, Timothea Douglas, DeNeva Wilson (team leader), Angela Blumstein, Rosalee Creighton-Gordon, China Byrd and Rebecca Rodriguez. Not pictured: Frank Shea, Edward Brickett, Aida Caraballo, Jocelyn Miller-Hayes, Milagros Gonzalez and Hyoja Tully.

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