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Enrique Silva

Enrique Silva

This is the student writer section.

Year Graduating: 2015

Major: Behavioral Healthcare

1. What is your thoughts on Keep Calm, Study On?

This has been very helpful, an excellent way to relieve stress.

2. How have your final exams been going, thus far?

Excellent! I was worried but I ended up doing very well!

3. Looking back on your past year at HCC, how well do you think you did? Did you accomplish your goals?

I think I did very well, honors across the board.

4. What do you plan on doing upon graduation?

Finishing up Human Services at HCC, Bachelors at SCSU, Masters at UVM until I have my own therapy program!

1. What is your major?

I am a Journalism major. 

2. How did you go about choosing Housatonic Community College?

I finally chose Housatonic Community College after I had undergone a very difficult decision on what to do after high school. I feel as though the school offered a great deal and was very appealing along with the security of proximity to my home and family. I saved a ton of money attending this college and feel as though HCC has the right idea about what education should cost along with it's fundamentals. 


3. What is your favorite subject so far?

My favorite subject has always been English. All throughout my educational life I have enjoyed all things pertaining to my English courses. Here at HCC I have been very fortunate to receive some very amazing English professors. The two professors that I have had so far have made English and the course extremely understandable and created interesting work environments along with a collaborative classroom. 


4. What are your goals after graduating?

I definitely plan to transfer to a four year college/university. I am not entirely sure where as of now but I have a few in mind. I also will continue to work towards the growth of my photography business. 

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