13 Oct

Gateway, Housatonic, Norwalk Community Colleges Ranked Among Top 15 in CT Featured

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EDsmart study assesses affordability and value of colleges across Connecticut.

Using the criteria of cost, academic quality, student satisfaction and salary after attending, EDsmart ranked colleges and universities, both public and private, on these factors to help students make informed decisions. Data was gathered from the U.S. Dept of Education websites, College Scorecard, and College Navigator.

On the list, Norwalk Community College, which serves southwest Fairfield County, ranked seventh in the state. New Haven-based Gateway Community College, the largest community college in our region, came in at number eleven. Housatonic Community College, which serves Bridgeport and beyond, ranked thirteenth across Connecticut.

“This study serves to underscore that community colleges in our region are high-caliber learning institutions that offer an exceptional value. Today, in light of the unprecedented challenges students are facing due to COVID-19, the cost of higher education is being fiercely debated. Our region’s community colleges deliver top-tier education, both in-person and virtually, at an affordable price,” said Dr. Thomas Coley, President of Shoreline-West Region, CSCU.

All three of our region’s community colleges grant associate’s degrees designed to be transferred to larger postsecondary institutions for further advancement, and strive to create an environment where students can achieve their full potential. Student success is priority one, so that when a student graduates, they are prepared for the next level in their journey.

Caption For Photo Above: New study finds Gateway, Housatonic, and Norwalk Community Colleges all ranked among the top 15 of all of Connecticut’s higher education institutions based on affordability and value.


HCC staff and faculty helped to load 700 boxes of perishable and non-perishable food into waiting cars in Bridgeport, CT.

Norwalk Community College West Campus
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