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Don't Miss the 2016 HCC Psychology Fair, in the Events Center on April 25th.

On Wednesday, February 17th, President Paul Broadie was presented with an award from the Fairfield County branch of the American Heart Association.

Join Us in Our Many Celebrations Throughout the Month of February as we celebrate Black History Month.

Construction has started for the expansion and renovation to Lafayette Hall at Housatonic Community College.

Word has been received that Housatonic Community College Acting Director of Education Technology Jose Labrador was killed in a car crash in Miami, Florida, on Wednesday, Dec. 30.

If you really have passion for a specific career field, it’s important to work in that field for a while to see which area you enjoy and wish to pursue. That’s exactly what Rachel German sought to accomplish. For the last three years she has worked with animals and hopes to make it a career.

HCC held the 12th Annual Business Expo & Multicultural Marketplace at the Event Center in Beacon Hall.

HCC's Black Student Union held a Cafe Night with the theme Women of Color on April 2nd. 

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