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02 Sep

Cancer Cure: From Man's Best Friend to Mankind

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A public talk by Dr. Mark Mamula, a Professor of Medicine at the Yale School of Medicine and lead investigator, on how he is developing a cure for cancer through studying and treatment of canine cancer.
01 Jun

Housatonic CC Advisor Adds Associate's To Complete Her Lineup Of Degrees

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Mary Clark has run out of college degrees to earn. Clark, who is the director of academic advising at Housatonic Community College in Bridgeport, graduated Thursday with an associate's degree in general studies from the school where she works. She went back to earn this degree even though she already has a bachelor of arts degree, a master's degree and a doctorate degree. "I love what I do; apparently, I really love it because I keep getting degrees," she said…
15 Jan

HCC Students Submit Logo Design for Achieving the Dream Contest

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Damon Cook and Craig Leachman compete in national Achieving the Dream contest!
06 Mar

HCC Travels To South Africa

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About four years ago, the Bridgeport early childhood education community formed a partnership with several communities in rural South Africa.
12 Sep

Are You Ready For the Walk-A-Thon? I know One Team Member Who Is...

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There are two teams from Housatonic Community College that are competing in this year’s United Healthcare Fitness Walk-A-Thon. When the competition gets underway here Sept. 16, last year’s fourth-place finisher will once again step up to the challenge.
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