26 May

CCP High School Day @ HCC


On May 17, 2016, HCC hosted students from Bassick and Trumbull High School(s) for a CCP High School Day @ HCC. The students are enrolled in the College Career Pathways courses HCC has articulated for 2015-16. The high schools are two of the nine schools who are partners in the Perkins-funded dual enrollment program in which courses such as Principles of Marketing and Principles of Financial Accounting are offered.

The students were able to interact with our esteemed faculty from our Business Administration as they spent the morning in break-out sessions focused on their experience of taking our career pathway course while still in high school. The high school “adjunct” teachers also participated as part of their professional development.

Kudo’s to Business Administration Department for their significant contributions. Department Chair Ed Becker, Professor(s) Michael Mandel (Marketing Faculty Liaision), Asher Albaz (Accounting Faculty Liaision), Pam Pirog, and Mary Ann Vlahac engaged the students. The department also provided lunch for the students. Anisha Thomas, Career Services Coordinator and Bernard Shea, Assistant Director of Admissions also shared presentations from their respective areas of expertise. The students were welcome to campus by President Broadie and Acting Dean of Academics Terry Brown. Many thanks to them both for taking time from their busy schedules to greet the students. Thanks also go to the people behind the scenes who make “the engine go”: Parveen Chowdhury, CCP Assistant, and Xiomara Alicea, Academic Dean’s Office Assistant, Facilities staff, and Christina Dancy, Facilities Reservations, and of course the Security staff.

This event could not have been successful without the support of the above-mentioned individuals who are a part of the HCC team. I look forward to bringing more students to campus next academic year.

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