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Janet Yarrow

Janet Yarrow

Janet Yarrow is an instructor of Nutrition and Anatomy & Physiology at Housatonic Community College

Connecticut legislators met with Housatonic Community College officials recently to discuss a wide variety of subjects, including HCC developments and the college’s budget outlook.

Each month, students and faculty can email Janet Yarrow a nutrition related question. Janet will choose one question each month and answer it.

Housatonic Community College Faculty & Staff Offered A Number Of Inititatives To Help Students De-Stress During Exams

Housatonic Community College offered students techniques for keeping calm and refreshed while preparing for finals. From May 11 - May 14, the college had a variety of stress relief and calming activities and techniques to help students get through finals. These included a hydration station for complimentary coffee, tea, water and healthy snacks; a stress relief area that featured inflated punching bags and huge pillows; a meditation room; a quiet study area; and a variety of other special programs and activities. There was also Lucy, the therappy dog! A “tip sheet” on surviving finals was also available. 

Special thanks to Jan Schaeffler, Indira Reddy, Kelly Hope, Alese Mulvihil, Joe Jenecaro, Megan Caciappo, Morgan Dancy and Denise Bukovan for their help in planning the event. Also thanks to the many volunteers that helped make this event so successful!

Pictured below are a few HCC faculty and students as the meet Lucy, the therapy dog. 

Laurie R. Noe, Ed.D. the Coordinator of the Early Childhood Inclusive Education Program (ECIE) at HCC went to Peru this past summer.

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