17 May

The First Annual Community College Quadcopter Challenge


HCC's quadcopter team, the Housatonic Flyers, competed in the first annual Community College Quadcopter Challenge sponsored by the CT NASA Space Grant Consortium. Click here to check out the Hartford Courant's coverage of the event which includes footage from our aircraft mounted camera. The student giving the interview is our own Nick Saint, who commutes from Norwalk to be at HCC.

Team members are: Chris Torok, Nick Saint, Brandon D'Agostino, Nichole Dineson and Blake Bennett (L to R in photo). They assembled the quadcopter, designed and 3D printed the rotor protection, and integrated a suite of sensors including real-time video and ambient data display - all in two months while keeping up with their demanding course load.

QVCC narrowly edged us out for the win, but we were the crowd and press favorite. Everyone was impressed by how bright, knowledgeable and well-spoken our students are. I couldn't be prouder of this bunch.

Go Housatonic!

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  • posted by Indira Reddy Tuesday, 17 May 2016 20:49

    Congratulations HCC team! More power to our students, very proud of them.

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