Housatonic Museum of Art Presents Body and Soul

Housatonic Museum of Art Presents Body and Soul

Written By: Robbin Zella | Published: August-16-2016 | Category: Featured
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Prints, Paintings, Photographs and Sculpture from the Ben Ortiz and Victor P. Torchia, Jr. Collection. ...

Opening Sept. 22 through Oct. 23. Body & Soul. Prints, paintings, photographs, and sculpture from the Ben Ortiz and Victor P. Torchia collection. Opening receptio...

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The Facts and the Faces

The Facts and the Faces

Written By: Richard Hubbard | Published: August-08-2016 | Category: Featured
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From Community College Student to Accounting Professional ...

Seminar highlights to include: An overview of the CPA career path including CT certification requirements and a look at the CPA profession today with Connecticut S...

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HCC Student Competes In Miss USA Contest

HCC student Tiffany Teixeira placed in the top 10 on Miss USA contest. ...

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The First Annual Community College Quadcopter Challenge

The Housatonic Flyers, competed in the first annual Community College Quadcopter Challenge! ...

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IT Career Fair

IT Career Fair to be held here at HCC on Monday, May 2nd ...

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Women Discuss Successful Careers at Housatonic Community College

Three successful women will discuss their career journeys and commitment to the community on Thursday, April 28 at 12:30 p.m. in the HCC Burt Chernow Gallery at LaFa...

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50 Objects/Fifty Years: Highlights from the Collection

50 Objects/Fifty Years: Highlights from the Collection

Written By: Robbin Zella | Published: September-13-2015 | Category: Museum Related News
Tagged Under: museum, art, housatonic

Housatonic Museum of Arts, Burt Chernow GalleriesOpening Reception Thursday, September 10th, 5:30-7 p.m.On View, September 10th-Oc...

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Lifelong Friends From HCC Host TV Talk Show

Lifelong Friends From HCC Host TV Talk Show

Written By: Enrique Silva | Published: January-21-2015 | Category: Student News
Tagged Under: television, TV, students, housatonic

Two lifelong friends with Housatonic Community College experience host a talk show on Sound View Community Media’s public access C...

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HCC Community Health Worker Graduation

HCC Community Health Worker Graduation

Written By: Debbie Kuchmas | Published: May-10-2015 | Category: HCC Related News
Tagged Under:

Three Norwalk students were among 15 who recently graduated from Housatonic Community College's Community Health Worker program. ...




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Student News

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Housatonic Community College Students Win Entrepreneurial Competition

HCC students won first and third place in the 2016 Annual Elevator Pitch Competition. ...

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Register for the HCC Day of Service

Join us on Friday, April 1st, 2016 for Housatonic's Day of Service. ...

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MAAFA Influence Presents Shaking the Tree

MAAFA Influence Presents Shaking the Tree - Thriving in American Soil - written and directed by Rev. Ina A. Anderson ...

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Bridging the Gap Through Music and Understanding

“I want him as my intern!” were Kelly Kancyr’s first words after hearing that Steven Scales was inquiring about a fall internship at The Kennedy Center. ...

HCC Related News

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CCP High School Day @ HCC

On May 17, 2016, HCC hosted students from Bassick and Trumbull High School(s) for a CCP High School Day @ HCC.. ...

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HCC Offering Study-Abroad Course in Spain

Housatonic Community College next semester is offering a short-term study-abroad course in Spain. ...

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Outstanding Teacher of the Year

Housatonic Community College Early Childhood Laboratory School teacher Karen Papacoda of Hamden has been named Outstanding Teacher of the Year by the Connecticut Association for the Education of Young Children (CAEYC). ...

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U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy Tours HCC Manufacturing Center

Housatonic Community College’s Mike Gugger (left), program director of HCC’s Regional Advanced Manufacturing Center, discusses the college’s Advanced Manufacturing Program with U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy during the Senator’s recent to...

Faculty & Staff News

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Are You Ready For the Walk-A-Thon? I know One Team Member Who Is...

Are You Ready For the Walk-A-Thon? I know One Team Member Who Is...

There are two teams from Housatonic Community College that are competing in this year’s United Healthcare Fitness Walk-A-Thon. When the competition gets underway here Sept. 16, last year’s fourth-place finisher will once again ste...

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Congratulations Debbie Kuchmas, Advisor Scholarship Award Winner!

Deborah Kuchmas Receives Advisor Scholarship Award ...

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Housatonic CC Advisor Adds Associate's To Complete Her Lineup Of Degrees

Mary Clark has run out of college degrees to earn. Clark, who is the director of academic advising at Housatonic Community College in Bridgeport, graduated Thursday with an associate's degree in general studies from the school wh...

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Cancer Cure: From Man's Best Friend to Mankind

A public talk by Dr. Mark Mamula, a Professor of Medicine at the Yale School of Medicine and lead investigator, on how he is developing a cure for cancer through studying and treatment of canine cancer. ...

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Meet Our Walking Teams at HCC!

Housatonic Community College has five teams participating in this year's "Walk To Wellness" fitness challenge held by the Bridgeport Regional Business Council. ...

Museum Related News

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Housatonic Museum of Art presents Harry Moritz: Medium Cool

Housatonic Museum of Art presents Harry Moritz: Medium Cool

Harry Moritz will offer a talk about his work to be held in the Events Center in Beacon Hall on the campus of Housatonic Community College on Wednesday, March 16th at 5:30pm. ...

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Finding Brass Valley: A Place in Time that Almost Vanished

This is the story of the people and communities that built the Brass Valley and attained the American Dream. ...

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Housatonic Museum of Art’s new exhibitions focus attention  on World Hunger and Habitat Destruction

The Housatonic Museum of Art (HMA)  is pleased to announce the opening of two new installation pieces by New York artists Mary Giehl and Kim Waale. ...

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Shiva: God of Many Faces

A Talk by Hamish Lutris at Housatonic Museum of Art 6 pm, Wednesday, October 7 In the Burt Chernow Galleries This event is FREE and open to the public ...

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Larry Silver: Then and Now at the Housatonic Museum of Art

Bridgeport, CT - The Housatonic Museum of Art presents Larry Silver: Then and Now, a photographic installation comprised of three distinct bodies of work, Sherwood Island State Park, 1975-2015; Darkroom Abstractions, 2005-2010 and...


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HCC Student’s Play Staged 3/29 in New Haven

Broken Promises, a play by Housatonic Community College student and New Haven native Tammie V. Smith, was staged Saturday, March 29 at Hillhouse High School. ...

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American Manufacturing Hall of Fame 2nd Annual Induction Ceremony

Don't miss the 2nd Annual American Manufacturing Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony! ...

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BlumShapiro Announces Winners Of American Manufacturing Hall Of Fame Leadership Awards

WEST HARTFORD – Thursday, September 24, 2015—BlumShapiro, the largest regional accounting and business advisory firm based in New England, today announced the two winners of the American Manufacturing Hall of Fame Leadership Award...

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2015 Alumni Hall of Fame Gala

For many, the road to lifetime achievement included study at Housatonic Community College. The College and the Foundation of Housatonic Community College will recognize alumni who have achieved outstanding success and impacted the...



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